Saturday, September 24, 2011

A traditional Middle Eastern breakfast or snack

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One of the exciting experiences in traveling through the Middle East is enjoying a traditional Mediterranean breakfast. There are many that we'll explore with you but one we enjoy is olives, olive oil, Za'atar and Syrian Bread.

Za'atar is a traditional Middle Eastern dry "dip" that consists of a crushed dry herb, mixed with sesame seeds and sumac. Click for more information.

You can purchase all the food products like Za'atar from Ziyad Brothers Importing online (click here), and enjoy this breakfast meal or anytime snack in your home and experience the enjoyment of a Mediterranean experience.

Simply put the Za'atar in a separate small bowl. Put the olives in another separate bowl. Fill up a 3rd small bowl with Sultan Extra Virgin Olive Oil. And toast one or two Syrian Pita Breads (soft not crisp). Now, use the Za'atar and Olive Oil as a dip by breaking off a small piece of the Syrian Bread. Dip it in the Olive Oil then dip it in the dry Za'atar.

That's it.

People rave about the taste and the energy you get in the mornings. It is a great snack to add variety to any meal as a great appetizer.

Sahtein! As we say in the Middle East. Enjoy your meal. And let us know how you like it.

   Syrian Bread                                                          Sultan Olive Oil


-- Ziyad Brothers Importing 

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