Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hummus when you want it

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I love hummus. It's not only great tasting, but it is very healthy. And I enjoy the hummus that is not refrigerated and that is all natural. Deli hummus is not as fresh, unfortunately. All the preservatives that are needed to keep it edible in the frozen and chilled deli sections can easily be avoided by turning to shelf-stable hummus products by Wild Garden and by Ziyad Brothers Importing.

Ziiyad Brothers hummus products allow you to make the hummus yourself. They have a great recipe to follow on their web site. Click here to view the recipe.

But if you are in a rush and you want the same all-natural and great tasting quality hummus, you can purchase the Hummus in a can, ready-made.



It's so easy to enjoy. You just open the can and empty the great tasting hummus dip onto a plate and spread it around evenly. You can add garnishments such as parsley, paprika and garbanzo (chick pea) beans. Ziyad Brothers Importing offer fresh garbanzo (chick pea) beans in a can.

Garbanzo (Chick pea) beans

Add some Extra Virgin Olive Oil onto the hummus. And then take some Syrian Pita Bread from Ziyad Brothers, toast it, chill it or eat it fresh, break off a small piece and dip it into the hummus plate and enjoy.

Make sure when you try it, to tell us what you think.


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