Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What's your favorite Mediterranean menu for Thanksgiving?

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Thanksgiving is a major American traditional feast of food. Americans celebrate the origins of our great country but we also celebrate by also focusing on foods, since the sharing of foods by the Native Americans with the Pilgrims is a foundation of that centuries old historical event.

What is your Thanksgiving like and what foods do you serve at Thanksgiving? Most families serve the Turkey, which has come to symbolize Thanksgiving, but other main dishes are served also such as Ham and Lasagna and Roasts.

You might consider giving this Thanksgiving a Mediterranean theme by adding some recipes to your dinner menu. Here are a few popular choices that are often served with the Turkey on Thanksgiving in Mediterranean American homes:

Stuffed grape leaves. Stuffed grape leaves are easy to make. The ingredients are simple, diced lamb and rice spiced and rolled in a grape leave.

The rolled leaves are steamed in a closed pot above the water, raised up usually by meats and even stuffed zucchini placed underneath. (The zucchini is often stuffed with lamb and rice, too, and carry the succulent tastes of the zucchini skins.)

Side dishes along with a turkey and stuffed grape leaves might include Tabouleh salad, which is diced vegetables mixed with burghul (cracked wheat) and vinegar, lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil. It's a very healthy meal choice.

Also, you might include Hummus Dip, which can be store bought already prepared (Ziyad Hummus and Wild Garden Hummus Dip). They come in a variety of flavors. Or, you might try your hand at making your own. Hummus consists of pureed, cooked garbanzo beans mixed with tahini (a crushed sesame seed paste that is very popular in the Middle East), and extra virgin olive oil. Tahini also is used to make another great salad option, Tahini Salad.

Another side dish is baba ghanoush, a dip made from eggplants and spices and extra virgin olive oil.

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If you decide to expand your Thanksgiving dinner menu with Mediterranean food recipes, take a picture and share it with us. You can email the photos and story to by email by clicking here.

We wish you a Happy and Joyous Thanksgiving for your and your family; Ziyad Brothers Importing, Quality food from our family to yours.


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